Mentee Headquarters

Mentee Headquarters

Welcome Mentee’s.


Wow! We are so excited for each of you! We have each personally experienced the fruit, joy and beauty from walking alongside a healthy mentor.

Below you will find your picture with a button that will take you to your Mentor/Mentee Page. Below you will find your picture with a button that will take you to your Mentor/Mentee Page. You will also find activation springboards which we will upload weekly as an option for you to walk through together.

Each page is password protected, which is only shared between you and the wonderful lady who is mentoring you. Your password was sent in a private email, if you are still having difficulty, please reach out to Catherine for further assistance. Again, we are so thankful for each of you!


The Prophetic Collective Team

Activation Springboards.


We will be offering weekly activations to use as a springboard for your quiet time and prayer time together as you walk alongside each other each week.


Springboard One.

Let’s practice asking Jesus for His powerful confirmation to the words which He gives!

As you sit with the Lord, ask Him to speak to your heart a word of identity over your life. Then, ask Him to build on that word: first, ask Him for a picture which corresponds with the word. Second, ask Him for three scriptures that bring balance and fullness to the word. Third, ask Him to confirm the word this week through two independent sources. Finally, before sharing with your mentor what the Lord has spoken and confirmed, pray together and ask the Lord to speak to her regarding the word He gave you. Take joy in the many ways in which the Father confirms His voice to you!

Springboard Two.

This week we are going to practice praying prophetically over the nations.

As you spend time in prayer, ask the Father to highlight to you a country or people group which are close to His heart in this season. When He does, ask Him some clarifying questions: how do you want to move in this nation/people, Holy Spirit? What doors do you want to open for them? What strongholds do you want to tear down? How do you want me to partner in prayer with your plans for this nation/people? Is there a specific word You desire to give me for this nation/people? If so, do you want me to release it to someone specific?

When meeting with your mentor, pray together over the answers Jesus has given you, looking for His confirmation and any further insight.

Springboard Three.

This week we are going to go on a little walk with the Lord.

Carve some time out this week to take a walk with Jesus and look at all the details around you… ask Him to speak to you through nature, objects, street signs, license plates, the weather etc.

At the end of your walk sit with Him and ask Him to reveal His heart through those signs.

When you meet with your mentor, discuss and pray through how the Lord spoke to you on your walk.

Springbaord Four.

Coming Soon.

Springboard Five.

Coming Soon.