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We desire

To create a collective of bold and courageous women (and eventually men), who are actively pursuing growth as a prophetic voice, both in their local church community, The Church at large, and the sphere of influence you are called to.

To create a healthy space for those who are new to the gift of prophecy to learn, grow and risk through active practice.

To create a community where for those in their journey to the office of prophet can be mentored by those who have learned to walk in risk and authority.

To host and curate Biblical teaching on the wise use of prophecy in order to dispel rumors, misconceptions and ignorance.

To provide a place for those with the office of a prophet to be honored and championed.

To, both individually and collectively, push consistently into fresh growth and accountability through humble submission to one another and to pastoral/apostolic covering.

To honor and glorify Jesus above all else, fully yielding to scripture as the infallible plumb link for all prophetic words.

For the words of our mouths, including every prophetic word spoken. to release life, hope and joy over each recipient.