Welcome to your Foundation Streams Course

Below you will find all of the links you need to jump right into your Foundation Streams Course. This will be your home base for the next 8-weeks as you journey through prophetic foundations with us.

We truly are so excited and expectant to see you grow in intimacy with the Father and hearing His voice.

Thank you again for choosing to run with us!


The Prophetic Collective


  • TPC Questionnaire

    Woohoo! Well done everyone for journeying through the last 8 weeks! We have felt so honored to walk alongside you in helping you grow in the gift of prophecy.

    At the end of each training course we like to look back at everyone’s personal experience to help us better grow stronger for the next group coming in. If you feel led to share with us, would you take a couple of minutes to share your experience going through the Foundation Streams Prophetic Course!


  • Prayer Gatherings

    If you missed our Prayer Gathering this month, here is the link to view the recording:


    Please enter the Access Code to view: March22!

    *the link is only available for 7 days, so please take the opportunity to view the week of March 21st. :

  • Soaking Playlist

    We absolutely love worship and soaking, so we have started to compile a list of worship songs that the Lord has been speaking to us through for you to listen/soak to during your quiet time.

    Here is the playlist on YouTube:

Foundation Streams Course Files

Upcoming Prayer Gatherings