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The Prophetic Collective is a four course training series, broken into four 6-week sessions: Foundation Streams, Running Rivers, Deep Lakes and Roaring Oceans.

Each course will take you deeper into an understanding of how God speaks, both individually and corporately. You will gain an understanding of the gift of prophecy and its vital function in the Church, and you will be activated to walk in bold faith to release God’s word to others! Whether you are a new or experienced prophetic voice, these four courses will strengthen your foundation and give you practical application for practicing the gift of prophecy.

Foundation Streams Summer ’23 starts on May 22, 2023. It is a six week, introductory level course created for those who desire to hear the voice of God and grow in the gift of prophecy. Laying a Scriptural foundation for this crucial spiritual gift, Foundation Streams unpacks many of the basic aspects of walking in the prophetic: hearing from Jesus, practicing in community, practical do’s and don’ts, and so much more. Activations are included with each lesson for the sake of personal growth through faith risks. Additionally, weekly live training sessions offer an opportunity to interact in a safe prophetic community, as well as to ask questions of those who are steps ahead in the journey.

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